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HEC Pvt.Ltd holding one of the diversified business conglomerates in Nagercoil, with the operations in various districts and towns.
Founded in the year of 2014 in Edalakudy. The Group’s success has been on the basis of sustainable growth and diversification, and it has been certified with ISO 9001 & 2000 Quality Management System.
Over the last four annum HEC diversified into several works over & above its engineering & contracting into interior designing, landscaping works, MEP works, UPVC, steel structural works & cladding works.
With the well-earned reputation for excellence, innovation & quality, HEC has successfully grown its wide range of customer base and employed multicultural & ethnically diverse staffs over 200 people.
Every aspect of HEC’s work is characterised by professionalism and high standards of corporate governance. Sustainability is embedded into our long-term strategy for growth. The Company’s manufacturing footprint extends across many districts in addition to Kanyakumari. The company has become one of the leading players in construction industry by delivering projects on time.
Our Company has executed over many landmark projects for colleges, schools, auditorium, villas and high end residential and commercial complexes.
Our Company specializes in civil construction interior works, furniture manufacturing, soft furnishing, decorative & curved gypsum works and decorative wall painting works.

  • Our Company is capable to provide the services for project Management;
  • Interior Fit out works;
  • UPVC works;
  • Aluminium works;
  • MEP works and Landscaping works.

Haji Engineering and Contracting Pvt.Ltd is one of the leading contracting company in Nagercoil and it has pioneered in to civil construction,MEP,interiors & landscaping works and is headed by Mr. Abdul Rahman Rafeek and Mr.Shaik Mohamed Fazil with a vision to transform the way people perceive quality,it is the mission of the company to make no shortcut to quality with the philosophy of “A LEGACY OF INNOVATION & HERITAGE OF TRUST”. It was founded in the year of 2015 and we have successfully completed some Residential buildings in and around Nagercoil,and also we have some of Commercial and Residential buildings are in progress in and around Nagercoil.

Vision & Mission
Hse & quality Policy


Mr. Shaik Mohamed Fazil is Managing Director of Haji Engineering & Contracting Pvt.Ltd. with the degree of Civil Engineering and a post graduate in Business Management. Our MD has commenced his professional career with Haji Engineering & Contracting Pvt.Ltd. Prior to start HEC, he has worked around 11 years for a clutch of companies in and around Asia.
Our MD has spearheaded and won several large projects in Chennai, Bangalore, Oman, Dubai like IT Buildings in Chennai, The Garden Project in Bangalore, High Rise Buildings in Dubai, many government projects in Oman and also he has a great experience in Oil & Gas field. He has held and continues to play vital roles on various Construction and related divisions.


Mr.Abdul Rahman Rafeek is the CEO of Haji Engineering & Contracting Pvt.Ltd. He has a strong experience in the field Business Development, procurement and Accounts from U.A.E, Uganda, Oman and also in India over 12 years. Under their powerful leadership with the team of project Manager, Site Engineers, Architect,Structural Engineers,Supervisors,Foramens and Skilled labours, we are capable to deliver all type of Building Construction with high quality, Safety and on time.

 Convey The Innovative Thoughts To Acheive The Better Quality And safety.

 No Shotcut For Quality.

 We Build Your Dream.

Health and safety is a top priority. Not only do we have a fundamental commitment to it – we continuously strive to create new standards of excellence. Our approach to health and safety is based on the idea of personal commitment and individual empowerment. We believe everyone has a right to return home safely every day and a duty to take care of themselves and those around them. By making health and safety a priority we continue to play our part in improving workplaces for our employees, clients, partners and the public. We concentrate on basic issues which, together with a strong focus on health and safety leadership, result in regular reductions in our Accident Incidence Rate (AIR) and lead to Zero Harm. Our teams all work towards a series of objectives and targets that encompass safety, health and environment issues to ensure that HEC Group sustainability aspirations are fully supported. Our target AIR is zero. Our Positive Safety Leadership encourages our team members to actively discuss safety issues, and our monitoring suggests that this is increasing the number of health and safety discussions taking place. We’re committed to achieving Zero Harm across our businesses.


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