Hse & quality Policy

Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE)

  • Health and safety is a top priority. Not only do we have a fundamental commitment to it – we continuously strive to create new standards of excellence.
  • Our approach to health and safety is based on the idea of personal commitment and individual empowerment. We believe everyone has a right to return home safely every day and a duty to take care of themselves and those around them.
  • By making health and safety a priority we continue to play our part in improving workplaces for our employees, clients, partners and the public.
  • We concentrate on basic issues which, together with a strong focus on health and safety leadership, result in regular reductions in our Accident Incidence Rate (AIR) and lead to Zero Harm.
  • Our teams all work towards a series of objectives and targets that encompass safety, health and environment issues to ensure that HEC Group sustainability aspirations are fully supported. Our target AIR is zero.
  • Our Positive Safety Leadership encourages our team members to actively discuss safety issues, and our monitoring suggests that this is increasing the number of health and safety discussions taking place.
  • We’re committed to achieving Zero Harm across our businesses.